Culture Pass

On Pause until January 2021 due to COVID-19

How do I check out (get) a Culture Pass? Library patrons select the venue or performance of their choice from the display at the Tolleson Public library, use their library card to “check out” the pass and have seven days to visit the venue or reserve their performance tickets. Passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They cannot be renewed; they cannot be placed on hold.

A Culture Pass Program display is located in our library. Find a laminated card for the destination in which you're interested and take it to the checkout desk. Staff will give you a date-due slip admitting two people for one visit to that museum or cultural institution during the following seven days. You do not need to return the slip; it will expire on its own.

Restrictions for the Culture Pass:

Passes may be limited to general admission only.

Special exhibitions may not be covered, and other restrictions may apply.

Customers are limited to one pass per family at any one time, up to two passes per month.  

What is a Culture Pass? The Act One Culture Pass offers library cardholders free admission for two people to participating cultural institutions or theater performances.  Library cardholders can check out an Act One Culture Pass for FREE admission or tickets for two people at the Tolleson Public Library.

What venues participate in the Culture Pass? Use the following link to view a list of current participating cultural institutions and/or theater performances. 

Find a Culture Pass: Venues

Culture Pass