Tolleson Counts 2020 Videos Contest Winners

Tolleson Counts 2020 logoTolleson Counts is the tag line for the City of Tolleson Census Count Committee which is comprised of members from the Tolleson Union High School District, the Tolleson Elementary School District, various staff representatives from each department within the City of Tolleson, JAG works community program, and teens from within the community. The focus of this group is to work in collaboration with regional member agencies such as the Maricopa Association of Governments to ensure that each municipality is doing its part to raise awareness on the importance of completing the Census 2020 survey.

The Tolleson Census Count Committee partnered with the Tolleson Union High School District to bring forward a Tolleson Counts Census Video Contest. The video contest was made available to all students within the Tolleson Union High School District. The students needed to create a one minute video that highlighted what the census is, how it impacts students and would encourage people to take the pledge to complete the 2020 Census Survey. Every school with a submission first and second places winners were awarded an overall grand prize winner.

These videos will be showcased throughout the months leading up to the Census 2020 completion helping the Tolleson Counts Census Count Committee raise awareness about the importance of completing this survey.

The winners are the following:

Overall Grand Prize Winner:

  • Sierra Linda High School/ JAG
    Team Members: Sarae Grice, Lysette Camacho, Sergio Ojeda, Bianca Navarro, Abriana Paxton, Ameena Muhammad, Marcus White, Angelina Vidaurri, Diamond Murphy, Anjelica Zamora, Shayla Zamudio, Luis Ruiz, Karime Lopez

1st place winners are:

  • University/ Tolleson Union High School
    Team Member: Amber Nguyen
  • Copper Canyon High School
    Team Member: Jeremiah McFerson
  • West Point High School/ FBLA
    Team Members: Emily Jane Crawford, Lizbette Orquiz, Lizette Ortuiz, Jordan Crawley, Keira Vaughn, Leonardo Rodriguez

  • La Joya Community High School
    Team Members: Adrian Jurado, Azucena Munoz, Raymundo Sandoval

2nd place winners are:

  • West Point High School
    Team Members: Victoria Proano
  • Sierra Linda High School
    Team Members: Maryana
  • Copper Canyon High School
    Team Members: Naomi Richardson, Carolina Macias
  • La Joya Community High School
    Team Members: Micahel Trevino and Melissa Martinez